How to delete apps from samsung smart tv l Ultimate Guide

How to delete apps from samsung smart tv

Deleting apps from a Samsung Smart TV varies slightly based on the model and operating system. However, the overall procedure should be the same across most Samsung Smart TVs. Here’s a step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to the Apps section: Use your TV remote to navigate to your Samsung Smart TV’s home screen.
  2. Select the Apps icon: This is typically represented by a grid of squares or labeled Apps on the home screen. Use your remote’s arrow buttons to navigate to the Apps area, then hit the Enter or OK keys to open it.
  3. Highlight the app you want to delete: Using the arrow buttons on your remote, navigate through the list of installed applications until you find the program you want to delete.
  4. Press and hold the Enter or OK buttons: Once you’ve selected the app you wish to delete, hit and hold the Enter or OK buttons on your remote for a few seconds. This should display a menu of choices for that application.
  5. Select Delete or Remove: Look for an option labeled Delete or Remove in the menu that displays and pick it with your remote’s arrow buttons. To confirm, press either the Enter or OK buttons.
  6. Confirm deletion: If you click Delete or Remove, you may be asked to confirm that you wish to delete the app. To proceed, pick Yes or Confirm with your remote’s arrow buttons and press the Enter or OK button.
  7. Wait for the app to be deleted: Depending on the size of the app and your internet connection speed, the app may take a few moments to be removed from your Samsung Smart TV. When the process is finished, you should be returned to the Apps section of your TV’s main screen.
  8. Repeat for other apps (if necessary): To delete additional apps, simply follow steps 3-7 for each one.
  9. Leave the Apps section: After removing all of the apps, you can leave the Apps section and go back to your Samsung Smart TV’s home screen.

how to delete app from samsung tv


Remember that some pre-installed apps might not be able to be removed because the Smart TV’s operating system depends on them to function.

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