How to delete a page in word l Step by Step Process

Learn how to delete a page in word

1. Open your Word document: Open the document containing the page you wish to remove by opening it in Microsoft Word.

how to delete a page in word

2. Go to the page that you wish to remove: Once you find the page you wish to delete, scroll through your document to get there. As an alternative, you can navigate to a certain page by using the scrollbar or the Go To option (Ctrl + G).

how to delete a page in word

3. Choose the page’s content: You can select every item on the page by clicking and dragging the mouse. In the event that the page is blank or has only undesirable characteristics such as additional spaces or blank paragraphs, learn how to delete a page in word  you can instead move your pointer to the end of the previous page.

4. Delete the content you have selected by pressing the Delete key on your keyboard after the content has been selected. By doing this, the page will be permanently deleted along with all of the selected content.

how to delete a page in microsoft word

5.Examine the following document: Check your document after removing the material to be sure the page was deleted as intended. To preserve the document’s style and organization, you might need to make extra adjustments or adjust the formatting.

6. Save your changes: To ensure that the changes you’ve made are retained, always remember to save your document after you’re happy with the adjustments.

These are the easy steps to follow when deleting a page from your Word document.

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