How to delete a pre installed app on android l Ultimate Guide 2024 l Easy Step by Step Process

Learn how to delete a pre installed app on android

On an Android device, you usually cannot remove a pre-installed app entirely unless your device is rooted. Nevertheless, you can usually disable it, which essentially prevents it from operating and conceals it from your app drawer. Here’s how to accomplish it:

  1. Open Settings: Go to the settings menu on your device. Usually, you can find this by dragging down the notification bar and tapping the gear symbol, or by opening your app drawer.
  2. Go to Apps: From the Settings menu, look for the Apps” or Applications option. It may also appear under the name Application Manager or something similar, based on the Android version and your device.
  3. Locate the app: Locate the installed program you wish to remove by scrolling through the list. Apps that are pre-installed can be found under a different menu called System Apps or All Apps.
  4. Choose the App: To remove an app, tap on it. Its details page will open as a result.
  5. Disable or Uninstall Updates: You may be able to “Uninstall Updates” based on your Android version and device. The software will return to its initial version as a result. You may then be able to disable the application.
  6. Disable the App: If the app has a Disable or Turn off button, you should be able to use it. To turn off the app, tap here. To turn off the app, tap here. Even though pre-installed programs could alert you to possible system instability, it’s usually safe to turn them off.
  7. Confirm: If you wish to disable the application, a confirmation dialogue box will show up. Once you confirm your selection, the app will be turned off.
  8. Optional: On certain devices, you can choose to conceal apps that are deactivated from the app drawer. The app will only appear greyed out in your app list if you are unable to see this choice.

how to delete a pre installed app on android

Please be aware that turning off pre-installed apps may occasionally result in strange behavior on your device. how to uninstall pre-installed apps on Android without root You can usually use the same techniques to re-enable the app if you run into any problems. Additionally, when uninstalling system apps remember that you might have additional options if your smartphone is rooted.

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How to uninstall system app android

On Android devices, root access—which grants you administrative control over the operating system is usually necessary in order to uninstall system apps. Please be advised that improper rooting can violate your device’s warranty and have unforeseen effects. To remove a system application that has root access, follow these general instructions:

  1. Root Your Device: You must root your Android device in order to remove system apps. The manufacturer and model of the device determine how this process is carried out. Online training and guides tailored to your device are available. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions to prevent breaking your gadget.
  2. Install a Root File Manager: A root-accessible file manager application is required following device rooting. Solid Explorer, Root Explorer, and ES File Explorer are a few well-liked choices (use ES File Explorer with caution, as it has had privacy difficulties in the past).
  3. Give Root Permissions: Open the root file management application, and when requested, give it root access. The programme will be able to access system directories and files as a result.
  4. Go to the System App Directory: Open the file manager and locate the directory containing the system apps. The directories /system/app/ and /system/priv-app/ are where system apps are usually found.
  5. Determine which app to remove: Find the app you wish to remove by scrolling through the system directory’s list of installed apps. Take great care to avoid erasing any necessary system files as this may result in device malfunctions.
  6. Delete the App: After locating the app you wish to remove, long-press it to select it, and then search for the Delete or Uninstall option. Depending on which file management application you’re using, this choice may have a different name (e.g., Delete, Uninstall, Remove, etc.).
  7. Verify Deletion: When asked, verify that you wish to remove the application. The application will be deleted from the system directory of your device.
  8. Reboot Your Device: It’s a good idea to restart your device after deleting the system app to make sure that all related processes have been correctly terminated.

Please keep in mind that removing system apps may cause unexpected behaviour and might cause your device to become unstable. Only remove apps that you are positive you don’t need, and use extreme caution while editing system files. Remember that rooting your device comes with hazards and could void its warranty.

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